Marilyn Maltby

Marilyn blends her lifelong practice as an artist with her other fascinations:  gardening and the natural sciences.  She grew up in Minnesota and studied advertising art before pursuing her career in advertising, graphic design, print production management, and business communications.  Her interest in emerging technologies led her to help create and launch an internet-based company.

Through several career re-locations, Marilyn planted and tended backyard gardens in each new home.  After moving back to Minnesota, a workshop series at the Minnesota Arboretum introduced her to botanical art in 2009.  Since then, she has studied with artists through the Minnesota School of Botanical Art, the Bloomington Art Center, and the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Marilyn volunteers as a Minnesota Master Naturalist with special interest in helping others explore nature by drawing it.  "Studying the beauty and complexity of plants and critters nourishes my admiration for the natural world.   I maintain that a pencil is the best tool for anyone to really see nature

Balloon Flower
Platycodon grandiflorus
  colored pencil on paper


Tulip 'Triumph' Seedpod
Tulipa triumph
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