Nancy Gehrig

Nancy Gehrig grew up in Wisconsin and loved drawing from early on which led to a degree in Fine Arts.  Her career started in Medical Illustration and Graphic Design.  Owning a small hobby farm developed her passion for botany and the natural world.  Nancy has shown her work in London with the Royal Horticultural Society and her work has been included in exhibitions at The New York Botanical Garden, The Phoenix Art Museum, and the Filoli in California.  She has also shown with the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators in Washington D.C. and regionally in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  She also teaches Colored Pencil and Drawing at the MN School of Botanical Art in Minneapolis.  Nancy has also taught Colored Pencil at the MN Landscape Arboretum.

Palo Brea, Colored Pencil

Poplar Trees, Graphite

African Milk Barrel
Euphorbia horrida
colored pencil

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