Marj Davis

Marj is an artist who works primarily in watercolor.  Her main subject matter is native prairie plants found in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and abstract patterns from nature.  The beautiful colors and intricate, complex patterns and forms found in nature inspire her work.  She is very interested in the protection and preservation of natural areas.  Marj's art connects her to nature and it is her hope it helps others think about the need to preserve and protect the plants, animals, insects, and all life forms that inhabit these special areas.

Her botanical art has been shown at the Bell Museum of Natural History, the Bloomington Art Center, the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the Bakken Museum, the Robbin Gallery, the Highland Park Library, the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, the Ripple River Gallery in Aitkin Minnesota, the Humanities Fine Arts Gallery in Morris Minnesota, and the Winona Arts Center in Winona Minnesota.


Larix Laricina
watercolor on paper

Closed Bottle Gentian
Gentiana andrewsii
watercolor on paper

  Hexagonal-pored Polypore
Polyporus alveolaris
watercolor on paper

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