Faith Clover

I recently retired after teaching art and art education for 40 years in Oregon and Arizona, and finally am back in my home state at the University of Minnesota.  Over the years I have done work in many media and many forms of cultural crafts.  A number of years ago a friend introduced me to the Minnesota School of Botanical Art and I was hooked.  I asked Marilyn Garber to teach courses for us at the University of Minnesota and took many classes at the MSBA.  I respect the discipline that is required in botanical illustration and watercolor, as well as the importance of understanding the structure and growth patterns of plants.  Working on the Eloise Butler Florilegium has given me an even deeper understanding of the intersection of botanical science and art.

White Tulip 


Rosaceae pyrus
 colored pencil on paper


False Soloman's Seal
Maianthemen racemosum
watercolor on paper


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