Boundary Waters Forests at the Crossroads

  • 23 Mar 2013
  • 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • 215 South 10th Avenue, Unit 413, Minneapolis


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Minnesota's iconic northern conifer forests are on a trajectory of rapid change. Dr. Lee Frelich will present future climate change scenarios where the pine and spruce forests of the BWCA may switch to maple forests or oak savanna. We will learn how a warmer climate changes the forest via droughts, storms and fires, and examine the synergy among climate change, European earthworm invasion and deer that magnifies changes in the forest. Dr. Frelich is Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Forest Ecology.

Our host and GRC member Kathy Franzen has assembled a group of botanical artists, advised by Dr. Frelich and other scientists, to create artwork based on the trees and plants most affected by the disruptive factors that are disturbing the ecology of the boreal forests in our region. Kathy will share information about past and upcoming exhibits of the boreal forest artists.

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The entrance to Bridgewater condominium is on 10th Avenue toward 2nd Street, one block down from the Guthrie Theatre.  There is metered street parking on 10th and 2nd with 8-hour limits on one side and 2-hour limits on the other side.

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