Seed Collection at Crow-Hassan Park Reserve near Rogers, MN

September 10, 2016

On a sparkling clear day several members gathered to join a volunteer effort for the Three Rivers Park district, collecting seeds from prairie wildflowers. Guided by enthusiastic park staffers, we and about 15 other volunteers assembled on Sept. 10 in a restored prairie area of Crow-Hassan Park Reserve, near Rogers. The collected seeds help increase the amount and diversity of seed planted each year in the more than 1,200 acres of restored prairie managed by Three Rivers Parks.

The prairie was lush with dense grasses and blooming plants. The coordinator showed us examples of plants to collect that day: white clover, purple clover, Culver’s root, and gray headed coneflower, which all had ripe seed heads. It was easy to find most of them and we soon were knocking the seeds off them into collecting bags. After a couple of hours we were surprised to see the amount of seeds we accumulated.

Three Rivers Park District holds many seed collection events at various parks throughout the late summer and fall, and one-time and ongoing volunteers are all welcome. For a look at dates, locations, and further information visit

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